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To accelerate our Client’s growth in

international markets


"I had the great pleasure of working with Stephen last year. I greatly admire his tenacity and dynamic approach to developing customer and staff relationships but most of all his ability to interface and communicate with customers and staff at all levels of seniority. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of his vision for the business"


                                                                                          Scott Paterson, Defence Director, Petards & Babcock International 


Govenlock Europa is able to draw upon over 25 years of experience developing and identifying new business for Clients in a variety of sectors. We have experience negotiating and winning large value contracts in excess of £10 million and of building pipelines in excess of £100m. 

We have developed strong relationships with key end users, stakeholders, primary OEM's and their tier suppliers, which we can access and work with, as we look to develop opportunities for our Clients. 




If you are a

Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

and now find the need to expand your business internationally - look no further than Govenlock Europa who has the skills to support and guide you.

Perhaps your home market is mature and shrinking and you are fighting to maintain your profitability.

Or better still you have a technology advantage in your sector and to maximise your ROI you need to get it into the global market quickly.  


With hands on experience of business start up and innovative complex product launches , such as a Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV) for James Fisher Defence,  we are your ideal partner who understands the tremendous challenges facing a business with a great product - but a market place which is not interested or protected from change by controlling stakeholders. 

Founded in 2013 by Managing Director, Stephen Govenlock, Govenlock Europa Consulting & Company Representation Ltd, was established to support organisations looking to expand internationally in the maritime and defence industries, with a focus on supporting and representing those entering Europe.  

In more recent years it has also moved to provide services, guidance and strategic advice to companies such as James Fisher Defence, looking to expand their business, with the development and implementation of a worldwide agent expansion strategy.





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