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With hands on experience of business start up and innovative complex product launches , such as a Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV) for James Fisher Defence,  we are your ideal partner who understands the tremendous challenges facing a business with a great product - but a market place which is not interested or protected from change by controlling stakeholders.g.


We understand the importance of market assessment, indirect competitor analysis, the full budget planning of a market entry strategy, financing and how best to identify key collaborators or facilitators who can work with you to facilitate the successful market entry you dream of. 

Current Clients


Reliable,Powerful and Silent Subsea Thrusters.


The revolutionary series of powerful and silent subsea thrusters from Copenhagen Subsea A/S has been developed with reliability as the highest priority.


Due to our unique design, the surrounding seawater cools the thruster, enabling operation at maximum power for extended periods of time. The result is exceptional high thrust force compared to conventional thrusters.  


Running at maximum power for 1000 hours with zero breakdowns! The performance and durability of our thruster have been certified by in-water tests at the facilities of Kapacitet A/S.

The outstanding reliability of our thrusters has been verified through intensive testing, and our technology has proven its durability through key customers´ intensive use during subsea operations.

The tests showed no degradation and no decrease of performance.

GOVENLOCK EUROPA consultant and company representative for UK & Ireland.

Electrical Manipulator Arm

Innovative, reliable, robust and cost effective


The TMI-Orion electric manipulator arm is a high-performance and cost-efficient skid-mounted electric manipulator arm.


Intuitive programmable position controls, embedded controllers, an innovative modular system (Plug&Play) and 3 available additional connectors for optional cameras, projectors or lasers make operation of this manipulator easy, regardless of the operator’s skill level.

The TMI-Orion was specifically designed for a multitude of operations and can be retrofitted to most ROV systems, nuclear or industrial applications on the market

Guardian Asset Protection

A world first automated AIS messaging.


Highly valuable marine assets are at risk from increasing shipping activity. Accidents can result in significant expense, risk to human life and damage to the environment. Protecting these assets has historically been difficult because they are often located underwater where vessels can’t see them.


Until now.


Guardian:protect is a 24/7 asset protection system that prevents accidental vessel damage to your marine assets. It gives vessels visibility of your marine assets via their electronic navigation systems, monitors their live positions, evaluates their behavior to determine if they present a risk to your assets and proactively sends both them and you an alert if an incident might occur.


The alert goes directly to their electronic navigation system so they can take corrective action.

GOVENLOCK EUROPA are company representative for Europe & Middle East.

Previous Clients

James Fisher Defence

The brief was to increase international sales of the James Fisher Defence (JFD) equipment and services portfolio by further developing the existing network of Agents from 11 to 27.  


In country agents can cost effectively maintain regular contact with existing and target new customers, be aware of changing customer’s needs and seek out other market opportunities.

Countries where new Agents were to be appointed:-

  • Indonesia             Vietnam                      Malaysia                     Brunei

  • France                   South Africa               China (replace)          Thailand

  • Sweden                 Norway                       Taiwan                        Holland

  • Germany              Finland                        Italy                             Brazil

  • UAE/ Saudi Arabia/ Jordan/ Egypt                             


The growth target set was to increase international sales from £14 to £36 million in 3 years from 2012 to 2015.


JFD international sales in 2016-2017 were in excess of £100m.

Offler Marine Services Group

Govenlock Europa engaged with Steve Offler, a 35 year vetran of the oil and gas sector, with a brief to re-positioning his business, SOE Services, for sales growth, and in particular to take advantage of his wealth of experience in operations associated with the growing offshore renewable sector.

A market research and competitive analysis was completed. Then using business intelligence gathered from face to face engagement with key staff, a draft growth plan was prepared and presented as a discussion document with Senior Management.   


Further discussion and debate took place and a growth strategy was agreed which involved Govenlock Europa leading SOE through a range of change activities to position the business for growth. Such activities included :- development of a new brand identity, company name and website, generation of leads, setting up of meetings with new targets and representing SOE at these meetings. 

Additional on going support included the review and support in preparing bid proposals and the attendance and representation at trade shows. 


Previous Experience

Our MD has worked extensively with the following companies in the past.

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