Our Service - how it works


  • Stage 1 Initial discussions and meetings - understand your business, its goals and aspirations.

  • Stage 2. Initial enquiries, market research and strategic advice - provide a comprehensive report detailing opportunities for your business in Europe.

  • Stage 3. Agree & develop a strategy - discuss the opportunities, listen to feedback and develop a strategy.

  • Stage 4. Lead generation and client meetings - we'll generate leads, set up meetings and represent you/ make introductions to develop new business.

  • Stage 5. bid / proposal review and sales support - we'll review and support your bids and proposals, following up t help you win work.

  • Stage 6. Ongoing representation and support - ongoing practial support- including office / facility set as necessary, trade show representation.

What does a successful market entry look like ?

The key to a succesful market entry, like most things in life, is all about preparation and planning - plus a big handful of perstistence.


Govenlock Europa have over 25 years experience of selling into international markets worldwide, some successful and others that have bombed. 


The keys to success are that we must first understand:-


  • What are your aspirations ? 

  • What does a successful market entry look like for you? 

  • How much revenue is acceptable for you, years 1, 2 and 3?

  • What level of profitability is acceptable to you?

  • What are your entry costs ? When is break even likely (desired)? 

  • What is your preferred sales structure?

  • What is your preferred reporting / management process?

We will act as your eyes and ears in Europe - initially researching, exploring and identifying opportunities, then through discussion with you offer our opinion on how best you should move forward.


We will then work closely with you to develop and cost a market entry strategy for the first 24 months, which will outline in detail the approach to be taken, the costs and the risks. We will discuss with you ways we can attempt to mitigate the risks.

Depending on how the market entry strategy evolves we will ultimately take up a role either as your sales agent, company representative/manufacturing agent or business advisor. Our goal is help your business expand in the most cost effective and effective manner.

In which ever role we take on we shall be generating leads and setting up meetings and representing your business in the Territory to drive enagement and create momentum in and around your business. 

When engaging with new customers in new countries we would recommend that the early bids and sales proposals are reviewed by Govenlock Europa prior to submission. We have much experience of bid submission and understand well what they are looking for in terms of bid documents and believe we will increase the likelihood of a win.

As our working relationship progresses our relationship can develop seemlessly to one where we are providing ongoing practical support in country, including such matters as office / facility set up, HR requirements and  trade show representation and support. 


Stage 1

Initial discussions

& meetings 


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