Our primary focus 

to accelerate our Client's growth in international markets

If you are a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and now find the need to expand your business internationally look no further than Govenlock Europa.


Perhaps your home market is mature and shrinking and you are fighting to maintain your profitability. Or better still you have a techonology advantage in your sector and to maximise your ROI you need to get it into the global market quickly.  


At Govenlock Europa our focus is on helping businesses to establish or grow their presence within Europe – in a flexible and cost effective way. 


If you’re such a business this can mean Govenlock Europa doing anything from acting as your European Business Development / Sales Support through to our one-off Business Consultancy Services. We can provide professional representation, undertake market research or even set up new offices.


We can provide information and advice on the selection of suitable Exhibitions to attend or Exhibit at. We can also plan and assist with attendance at such Exhibitions. 

Find out more about how we can assist your business 

by exploring our services listed below.

Services we offer

European Business Development / Sales Support

  • Engage with existing customers / interested and target customers.   

  • Attend specific events on behalf of the company:- conferences, exhibitions, society events - provide detailed reports on those met and record activities into CRM.

  • Identify targets (customers, end users, stakeholders) at pre agreed Exhibitions /events and approach them with the company offering and a desire to engage further.

  • Engage with existing customers and develop closer relationships to drive out as much new business as possible (80/20 rule).

  • Utilizing our own global network of contacts identify new targets and approach. 

  • Develop and lead role out of a focused PR strategy to raise awareness of new product launch / new market entrant in territory. 

  • Develop & host lunchtime “teach ins” in key customer hot spots

Company Representation


Act as your Agent 

  • Represent the company in the agree territory (country or region), attend events, exhibitions, identify targets and engage with them, seek out bid opportunities, prepare and submit bids to targets. This is likely to be an exclusive position.

  • Agree a Market Entry Strategy (MES) at commencement, making sure the benefits of the new product / solution over the direct and in direct competitors is clear and well understood.

Act as your introducer


  • Receive outline briefing on companies products/services. Seek out potential customers and pass on these leads to the company employees to engage and chase. This is not an exclusive position.

Business Consulting Services 

  • Appoint Agents / Distributors ​

    • identification of suitable Agents from our global network

    • assessment in line with / best fit with our Client's service offering / product portfolio. 

    • due diligence of selected agent, peparation of all necessary paperwork with respect to the Bribery Act's including ethics letters and letter of appointment.

    • appointment adminstrative paperwork prepared and presented to our client's 

    • drafting of Agency Agreement in accordance with client's wishes, negotiation with Agent in accordance with Clients wishes, and then presented for final signing by our Clients representative. 

  • Market Research and Competition Analysis
    • understand the market you are planning to enter prior to the committment of financial and human resources
    • enable a market entry strategy to be developed (or not as the case may be) from this unbiased data / opinion presented 
    • considering in particular others offering a different product / service which appears to provide the same end benefit to the target.
    • If at all possible understand the price points of the competitors and then finalise entry pricing policy.
    • Identify those who could be partnered/ collaborated with.

  • Development of a Full Market Entry Strategy
    • type of in country Company Representation proposed.
    • identify and clarify sectors / customers to be targeted
    • discuss and agree lead generation rates,
    • identify potential "in country" collaborators / partners.
    • develop an events attendance and exhibition plan.
    • develop a PR strategy (identify a suitable PR partner in territory to facilitate PR strategy if necessary) 
    • fully cost the planned Market Entry Strategy.
    • using intelligence gathered / available market research to guide / assist with the development of realistic annual budgets / targets.

  • Bid document review / Sales Proposals Support 

    • assist with assessment of bid documents

    • assist with development of proposals

    • carry our objective review of bids prior to submission. 

  • European Office Set Up

    • we can assist the selection of the most strategic location

    • we can view prospective sites/offices in Europe &​ recommend a viewing short list

    • once confirmed we can conclude all necessary leases, infrasture as necessary.

    • assist with translation services.

    • assist with tax / regulatory advice 

  • Trade Show Marketing Support 

    • Attend exhibition / conference / society events on behalf of our Clients - saving them travel and accommodation costs and perhaps more importantly human resource costs / their time.

    • Benefits being :- achieve sales goals of pursuing new targets, communicating company news and or engaging with existing customers.

    • Specifically we would agreed a pre selected number of national and international conferences /exhibitions, engage with existing customers as directed, with the prime role to keep the company in the forefront of these companies minds.

    • Identify new customers, both from the exhibitor list and from Govenlock Europa's own network. Approach/press flesh with these new targets/introducing product and taking details of potential opportunities as they emerge.

    • Record all discussions and potential business opportunities into Client CRM systems.


Sales Team Performance Improvement

  • Stephen is a qualified Performance Climate System ( which is a unique and impactful leadership and team performance improvement tool that helps create and maintain high performing leaders, teams and organisations.

  • It has been developed and used for over 15 years and has evolved to be a highly powerful system to focus attention on the critical factors impacting performance. PCS combines elements from leadership, Climate and performance theory, and research into high performing teams. Brought together this system allows you to measure performance in any team, in any field, in any organisation. The results provide a blend of useful qualitative and quantitative data, with the aim of developing a collaborative improvement plan and then to re-measure through the year to track progress.

  • It's been used across over 3,500 Teams, in 14 countries to date, by some of the World's most successful companies and by World class sports teams.

  • PCS provides a snapshot of Team Climate, which:

    • Enables leaders to focus on preserving what is working within their teams; and critically address what is not working.

    • Identifies gaps in perception between leader and team members; highlighting potential areas of conflict, disconnect, misalignment and miscommunication.

    • Provides insights into where the leader needs to focus effort - in the most effective order - to achieve and maintain high performance If you don't know why your sales team aren't performing - we can help

Growing Business - Acquisition is an option

In recent years the trend for growing by acquisition has accelerated for two main reasons. One, large investment houses are looking to capitalize on sectors where business's are short of capital to grow their business, and secondly, there has been an increase in M&A activity in business looking to expand abroad.

Buying an international business, buys you not only increased market share, its buys you new customers, in-country staff who know and are committed to you the new owner, an increased diversity of products. At the same time allowing you to reduce operating costs, because replicated admin/marketing functions can be shrunk.


We are well placed in a number of industry sectors, with a strength of relationship which can assist us to facilitate such acquistions with greater speed and less pain then many others who may promise the same. 


If you are looking to sell a business we have the resource, network of contacts and abilities to identify and select potential buyers. They may be either private companies looking to acquire in your location or sector for strategic reasons or it may be a private equity group looking to invest.


We are delighted to have as part of our team Malcolm Lewis,  who over the last 37 years (26 years  running Strategic Value Partners (SVP)) Malcolm has advised or personally invested in over 35 company restructurings (including Management Buy-Outs (MBO), MBI’s etc). SVP is Malcolm’s firm which is based in Bristol (UK) and operates around the world in UK, Europe, Middle East and USA having qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA) with KMG Thomson  McLintock (KPMG).

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